Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New LANL Blog

A sometimes-contributor to the old LANL, The Real Story blog sent me an email stating that, after much consideration, he had decided to start a follow-on blog about LANL and the new corporate presence there. So, without further fanfare, please feel free to visit "LANL: The Corporate Story" at http://lanl-the-corporate-story.blogspot.com/.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And do our colleagues at Livermore have any hopes that they might draw from the Los Alamos experience? If not, there are three women, whose power has increased dramatically since early November, whom our California friends ought to contact:

(1) Dianne Feinstein
(2) Barbara Boxer
(3) Nancy Pelosi

--Pat, The Dog

These three liberal boneheads are as worthless as boobs on a bore hog. They are the reason california is how it is and nicknamed, "the land of the fruits and nuts". These three have only one interest in mind and that is. "how to shut LLNL down" completely. We can expect no help from these three of the future President of the United States, " Hillary Clinton". Sorry, but asking these three or soon to be four for help is not going to fly.

December 12, 2006 5:52 PM  

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